The silicone-free butchery


Every producer of high-quality meat and sausage products has his own production priorities, ideas and concepts when building his new production facility.
That is why Schwan Projekt always coordinates the operating procedures in cooperation with the building owner.
Possible promotions by federation, countries and EU promotion pots are examined individually…

The basis of solid planning is the consideration of the crossing points of “black and white” goods, as well as people.
Slopes, locations for unneeded smoke trolleys, floor drains and gutters, as well as the associated surfaces are also taken into account, because the different production sections in a plant also have different requirements for the floors and wall surfaces.This is an incentive for us to always find the ideal detailed solution.

With our partner for hygienic interior finishing: Mahr Bauelemente, we offer solutions with which almost 100% of the “silicone joints, commonly also called soft joints, can be avoided. These are replaced by GRP panels to the highest hygienic standard and a two-component hard jointing, which is resistant to high-pressure cleaning and has low-maintenance properties.


The use of waste heat in technical rooms, as well as to plan and realize a meat processing plant according to the latest standards, requires a look at the operating procedures, the latest materials as well as the resources from exhaust air and waste heat.

This can support heat recovery for the use of process water. All processes must be executed with technical precision.
The company also supports its customers in the area of construction management and supervision.
“After all, what good is good planning if it is inadequately executed?” asks
Michael Wirth, managing partner of the company. “Another aspect of our work is realistic planning in 3D. Here, the possibilities are now almost limitless. Views in photo quality and virtual tours of the respective plant are a matter of course for us.
After all, we can’t expect spatial imagination from every customer,” he adds. Customers are accompanied from the initial idea to the finished building. This ensures that the common goal can be achieved.plant planning belongs in expert hands. This means that you always have a partner with experience and innovative ideas at your side.
at your side. “We are a young, dedicated team with extensive experience the above-mentioned areas. We can now look back on a large number of references and look forward to supporting many more butchers’ shops,” emphasizes Michael Wirth.