Wall cladding & roofing

Facade construction & roof panels

In the exterior we work with PU sheet panels, which are weatherproof and durable.

Insulation is made with polyurethane (PU) or mineral wool. This allows us to achieve a very high level of thermal insulation. This makes the cladding particularly attractive for buildings that require a constant climate, such as cold storage rooms, food storage rooms, etc.

In the interior, a food-safe coating is applied.

New construction & renovation

Planning and assembly

We accompany you from the planning to the finished assembly.
When building your cold room or cold storage hall, we pay attention to high quality in the selection of building materials, the execution as well as in the technology.

Technology & Energy Efficiency

Facade cladding

  • very high thermal insulation over polyurethane.
  • With PIR insulation, lambda coefficient is
  • is almost unrivaled at 0.022 (W/mK).
  • Alternative: thermal insulation with mineral wool
  • high fire tightness
  • milled panel joints eliminate thermal bridges

Your advantages

FoodTec Buildings

  • Excellent thermal insulation of PU sheet panels ensures the necessary temperature in the interior. This minimizes costs.
  • Compliance with all hygiene regulations due to food-safe interior coating.
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Design: flexible in shape and color
  • Very durable and long lasting

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